SBA Paper No.13

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5 thoughts on “SBA Paper No.13

  • Christopher Smith

    I was having a look into question 4 –

    The KDIGO AKI guideline state the below order of preference for vascular access for RRT in AKI:

    When choosing a vein for insertion of a dialysis
    catheter in patients with AKI, consider these
    preferences (Not Graded):
    – First choice: right jugular vein;
    – Second choice: femoral vein;
    – Third choice: left jugular vein;
    – Last choice: subclavian vein with preference for
    the dominant side.

    Regarding coagulopathy, AAGBI Safe Vascular Access seems to preference femoral if risk of bleeding (however as stated not considered higher as INR not >1.8.

    And states regarding minimum length of adult CVC catheters:

    Fixed-length catheters:
    -15 cm for right internal jugular vein (IJV),
    – 20 cm for left internal jugular or right axillary/subclavian vein, and
    – 24 cm for left axillary/subclavian or femoral vein,
    are the usual minimum selection length for adults.

    So the answer would seem be Femoral 25cm line? (that’s what I’d do anyway!)