MCQ Paper No.9

Please select True or False for the following questions.

1. Following air embolus the following can be seen?

a. Hypotension
b. Raised ICP
c. Sudden loss of capnography
d. Coagulopathy
e. Increase in Pulmonary Vascular resistance
2. The following are indicators of a worse prognosis according to the King’s College Criteria for prognostication in acute liver failure

a. pH 7.20
b. Creatinine 200
c. Bilirubin > 300
d. Prothrombin time 6.5
e. Grade 3 encephalopathy
3. The following result in an increased cardiac output and a reduced SVR:

a. Gram negative sepsis
b. Carcinoid
c. Liver failure
d. Post myocardial dysfunction
e. Anaphylaxis
4. Regarding the post operative care of a patient undergoing a Whipple’s procedure:

a. A pancreatic fistula can be managed conservatively
b. Morbidity is 30-50%
c. Octreotide has been shown to be effective
d. Bile should be expected from the peripancreatic drain site
e. Epidural analgesia is not recommended for Enhanced Recovery patients
5. Causes of metabolic acidosis include:

a. Urinary diversion
b. Pancreatic fistula
c. Severe vomiting
d. Acetazolamide
e. Lamivudine

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3 thoughts on “MCQ Paper No.9

  • Richard Benson

    Question 2. C
    In terms of Kings College Criteria there is Paracetamol and non paracetamol induced. Question doesn’t differentiate:

    In non-paracetamol induced fulminant hepatic failure
    •INR > 6.5 (PT > 100s) or any 3 of the following variables:

    (1) age 40 yrs
    (2) aetiology – non A, non B hepatitis, halothane hepatitis, idiosyncratic drug reactions
    (3) duration of jaundice before encephalopathy > 7 days
    (4) INR > 3.5 (PT > 50s)
    (5) bilirubin > 300micromol/L

    Therefore should 2 C be true.

  • Chris Shaw

    2d should be false as it is the INR that should be >6.5, not the prothrombin time…
    As Richard stated, a biliribum >300 is significant in non paracetamol overdose, so 2c should be correct, or the question adjusted to state for paracetamol only.