MCQ Paper 12

Please select True or False for the following questions.

1.   The following increase the risk of VAP:

a. Diabetes Mellitus
b. Gastric Feeding
c. Increased risk of aspiration
d. 40 degree head up tilt
e. Tracheal tube cuff pressure monitoring >30cmH2O


2. In chronic liver failure you expect to see the following:

a) Hyperkalaemia
b. Metabolic acidosis
c. Metabolic alkalosis
d. Hypoglycaemia
e. Hyponatraemia
3. Regarding the Sengstaken-Blakemore tube, or similar:

a) 100ml of air is put in the gastric balloon
b. Has 4 ports
c. Traction is applied to the gastric balloon
d. Stops bleeding in 90% of patients
e. The gastric balloon can be safely inflated in the oesophagus
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-->4.These drugs prolong the QT interval:

a. Methadone
b. Amiodarone
c. Haloperidol
d. Metoclopromide
e. Erythromycin
5. Midazolam

a) Has an elimination half life of 1.5-3 hours
b. b) Is an imidoazolebenzodiazepine
c. Metabolised in the liver to an inactive form
d. d) Act directly on Cl-channels
e. Demonstrates stereo-isomerism

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